Thursday, December 2, 2010

Six Degrees of Awesomeness

 I  remember taking family trips and trying to think of games we could play with each other to pass the time on a long drive. This was before people had iTouches or iPhones or Words with Friends and Facebook.

So instead car rides and wait times we're filled with silly games.

There's the A-Z game where you start with  "A" and find words on billboards that start with that letter and every letter after until "Z." Sadly, I played this during more than one family vacation.

There's the age-old "I Spy" game...

Lucky for me, I found a lovely substitution to these games 3 years ago.
You see, unlike EVERY. OTHER. PERSON. I. KNOW (take note Mom), I don't have an iPhone or iTouch that I can peruse apps on or browse Facebook with like my peers.

Nope. It's just me and my LG touch screen phone --without internet--  which isn't a whole lot of fun when you're bored or have time to waste (something I fully experienced two weeks ago). 

Two weeks ago, I took part in one of the most epic events of my lifetime, aka the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I.

Here's what went down.
My friend Laura, my roomie Vanessa (Vdawg), and I arrived at the theatre at 8:40. Just as we reached the front of The Warren movie theatre, they opened the doors and let people in our theatre (7) head to their seats. This is something that's really awesome about The Warren. At other theatres, people have wait in line and sometimes they are even forced to wait OUTSIDE of the theatre for midnight premieres. But the last several I've attended  there (fangirl alert),  we've been allowed to sit and wait inside our theatre, which is AWESOME.

Fast forward to Vanessa, Laura and I waiting in our seats for the movie to start... 3 hours and 20 minutes of waiting, folks. I tried to be studious and bring  my laptop to work on homework, but one of the managers said I wasn't allowed to have it out and there wasn't an internet connection anyways.

Vanessa had her Itouch..but she could only play games that didn't need an internet connection. Laura's iPhone wasn't working. What to do with no working mobile devices? Play six degrees, of course!

I'd always heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon...but lack sufficient knowledge in Kevin Bacon filmology. I know of about 4 KB movies; I applaud you if you are any different.

Here's what you do: Players take turns thinking of the most random celebrity actors and actresses and try to connect them together through movies they've done with various costars. Generally, we try to connect them through less than six films, but for us its really about who can connect the two celebrities (through movies only) the fastest. 

We brought back the game while we were waiting at HP and it reaffirmed how much I love it. Never again will I sit waiting with friends and not have anything to do. Six Degrees is always on the back burner.

Here's some sample rounds we played at the Harry Potter premiere.

Cameron Diaz to Tom Hanks

CD   was in       The Holiday                            with     Jude Law
JL    was in       Closer                                       with     Julia Roberts
JR   was  in      Charlie Wilson's War          with     Tom Hanks

Susan Sarandon to Gerard Butler

SS   was in   Stepmom             with              Julia Roberts
JR  was in   Runaway Bride   with             Richard Gere
RG  was in   Amelia                 with             Hilary Swank
HS  was in   PS I Love You     with              Gerard Butler

Play it sometime!

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