Monday, September 27, 2010

What's my future?

I've been thinking a lot this weekend about what I want to do after I graduate. Today, during my 6 hour shift at Bath and Body Works, I couldn't get the idea of being a teacher out of my mind.

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher but I had HUGE temper problems and was scared I'd lash out at a student. I've gotten a lot better, but I'm still a little worried I don't have the patience for the job.

When we talked about why we deserve to be writers in class, it was really hard for me to come up with reasons why I should be. Don't get me wrong, I want to be a writer so bad, but it doesn't come naturally for me. I'm too much of a perfectionist and my mind is too ADD to stay on a topic for more than a sentence.

So, while standing behind the register at work this weekend, I once again found myself wondering what it'd be like if I was a teacher.

In elementary school, I used to give myself more assignments to do. Some kids played house growing up, I played teacher. I would think of fake assignments for students to do. All throughout middle and high school, I would think of ways I would assign things if I were the teacher. If I enjoyed a particular assignment or found an easier way to learn something I found myself making mental notes, like, "Too bad my teacher doesn't do an assignment like this. If I were a teacher I would."

I've also always had a natural curiosity about things. I can spend HOURS upon HOURS looking up things on the internet. Is there a job with this? Because I'm pretty sure I would rock it.

If you think I'm kidding about the hours on the computer, my friends joke that it is my child. The other day I went to a friends' house for dinner and she didn't have wifi and I was counting the minutes until I could go home and get on the internet.

I also love helping people out with things. I love showing people how to do things and helping them get it. I've always felt like I can make people understand things. Sometimes I feel like if I can understand it, then pretty much anyone can.

I've been going back and forth between an Advertising and Public Relations major, but I can't see myself  in these fields (unless I do something with a nonprofit.) I don't want to work at an agency, and I don't want to represent a company's communication department. I'm completely lost for what I want as a career, but I KNOW I would love to teach.

But I know I want to do more than teach, but I just don't know what.

What do I do now? How do I find the job I want?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Town"

Besides seeing The Town at The Warren on Friday night, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I don't see a whole lot of action movies, but my old roommate Ashley is obsessed with Jon Hamm, so seeing the movie opening night has been decided since we first found out it. Since we both have an unnatural obsession with movies and, we've known about this movie way before the average person, at least for several months. 

I wouldn't say The Town the best action/heist movie out there, but I will say I didn't leave the theatre feeling disappointed or like I wasted my money. I don't see a lot of action movies, so I don't have incredibly high standards.

Ben Affleck wrote and directed the film.  I found several similarities between it and Good Will Hunting, which Affleck also wrote with pal Matt Damon (set in Boston, a guy stuck with a life he doesn't want but destined to get out and do something better, a girl who's "better" and can help him leave his past behind, etc, etc.) 

 THE TOWN in five

1. I was impressed with Blake Lively's performance as the slutty drug addict in love with Affleck's character. I could still see some Serena Van Der Woodsen in her character. 

2. One of my favorite parts of the film is when Ben Affleck is brought in as a suspect and Jon Hamm interrogates him. The verbal exchange between them is great. 

3. Rebecca Hall plays Affleck's BEAUTIFUL  love interest in the film. I was also impressed with her performance. She is one of those actresses that is so naturally pretty you feel like you could see her on the street or in the grocery store and it'd be completely normal. I couldn't remember where I'd seen her before, so I looked her up on Imdb after the movie. She was also in Vicky Christina Barcelona, which I saw some of. And she was born on my birthday! Cool.

4. Ben Affleck is cute and his acting is legit. This is probably one of his five best performances. 

5. Victor Garber has a cameo. Yay Alias! 

Stand Up to Cancer Telethon

My roommates and I stumbled on the Stand Up To Cancer special a week ago and I'm so glad we  did. Normally I think telethons seem really boring to watch, but it was amazing to hear and see all the different people who've been affected by cancer.

I had no idea all the greats who've died from cancer. Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, John Wayne, Jack Lemmon, Mr. Rogers, Peter Jennings, Farah Fawcett, Dennis Hopper, Patrick Schwayze...

I had no idea that Katie Couric was a widow. Her husband AND sister both lost their lives to cancer, and she is doing great things for cancer awareness. She had both a colonoscopy and mammogram ON AIR to raise awareness about both cancers.

It was also terribly sad to hear stories of everyday people affected by cancer. They showed a woman who lost her husband on her wedding day and a curly haired boy who lost his fight with the disease.

Rob Lowe from Brothers and Sisters wore a shirt that said "In Memory of Mom."

 Denzel Washington said some powerful lines about what life would be like if no one stood up for moments in history like Valley Forge, Iwo Jima, A bridge in Selma (civil rights),...etc.  He said, "We're here because they did ((stand up)), because we know what's possible when enough of us stand together."

What got me the most is when Patrick Swayze's wife spoke during the telethon. Her husband spoke at the first SUTC telethon in 2008, and it was  his first network TV appearance after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When she spoke on stage,  a video of Patrick's speech played on the big screen behind her. Patrick begins saying, "Tonight I stand here just another individual living with cancer." 

It was incredibly hard to watch Lisa Niemi (his wife) stand on stage as her Patrick's speech echoed throughout the auditorium. I can't imagine talking about my husband's death on national television, while a video of him speaking about the disease that would kill him played behind me. It was such a powerful moment in the telethon and I really admire her courage to speak about something so personal.

All of this inspired me to find out more about SUTC and see how I could help.

I decided to visit their website. This is what I saw when I went to the site.  It makes me happy.

I've always wondered how much you have to donate in order to talk to a celebrity for these things. It's something worth researching, that's for sure. Phone convo with George Clooney? Yes, please!

 Here's a guy who donated money to Stand Up To Cancer, and recorded his phone conversation with Aubrey Plaza, from NBC's show Parks and Recreation. He was genuinely surprised he got to talk to someone! Take a look.