Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Movie Numero Uno

Well, it's officially been forever since I've updated this blog. It needs some MAY-JOR fixins to get it looking the way I want it, but for now it will have to do.

Summer is a great time for movie lovers like me to catch up on that "need-to-watch" list aka the "My Movies" list for those of us cool kids who have accounts at Wait, people actually do that? Yes, yes they do. With that said, I bring you my first movie review of the Summer.

"Laws of Attraction" starring Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan as the lead roles.

 Am I happy to finally cross that one of my list!

It's been several days, so most wouldn't expect me to recall the names of the characters in the movie. BUT,  despite this, I DO remember Julianne Moore's character was named Audrey. Why would such a name stick out, you might ask? Yes, it's a fine name, ( if I do say so myself), but the awesome factor really comes into play when you hear Pierce (more like Mr. Piercing-my-heart)  say "Audrey" in his cute, BRITified accent, complete with his floppy hair and devilish grin. What girl wouldn't want to hear that OVER and OVER again? I may or may not have rewinded the film to hear him say my name. So sue me.

This is where I interject with a tip for all women named Audrey. Watch the film, if for nothing more than to hear the hunky Pierce Brosnan say your name.

In addition, I  enjoyed witnessing his affection and overall enamorment with  Julianne Moore's character. I would have enjoyed it even more if Audrey was played by someone I like more than Moore (see what I did there?)

It also bugs me (though its ever-present in chick-flicks) when the female lead just doesn't see how much the male lead loves and adores her. Really? I think at  a certain point every woman knows when they are liked.

 It's like that moment in horror films when the girl walks down the stairs and you scream at the TV, "What are you doing, moron??" Instead, the woman doesn't realize that the person loves her, and you are going, "SERIOUSLY! You can't tell?"It bugs the crap out of me.

Despite this minor detail, Laws of Attraction is a cute chick-flick worth seeing at least once in your life.