Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rachel Zoe is love

On Friday, I chose to unwind from a long week by sprawling on the couch and watching a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project. I can only take about four episodes before I get really annoyed with all of the materialism associated with the show. Also, watching RZ frantically search for Oscar gowns for her clients is always really overwhelming for me. It's the silliest thing ever but when I watch all the stress she's under, it gives me anxiety (probably because I relate to her stressing out about things).

 Last year my friend showed me one of the best spoofs I've ever seen. The actress pretends to be Rachel Zoe going grocery shopping, and makes fun of her catchphrases and the way that she talks. If you've heard RZ talk before, this video is hilarious! If you haven't, it's still pretty awesome.

Never fear. Here is what the REAL Rachel Zoe sounds like if you've missed it. Just listen to how she talks at the very beginning of the video.

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After I watched RZ, I also watched the Stand Up To Cancer special. Such an inspiring program. I'll talk more about it in  my next post, because it  shouldn't have to share a post with  The Rachel Zoe Project.

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