Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Town"

Besides seeing The Town at The Warren on Friday night, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I don't see a whole lot of action movies, but my old roommate Ashley is obsessed with Jon Hamm, so seeing the movie opening night has been decided since we first found out it. Since we both have an unnatural obsession with movies and, we've known about this movie way before the average person, at least for several months. 

I wouldn't say The Town the best action/heist movie out there, but I will say I didn't leave the theatre feeling disappointed or like I wasted my money. I don't see a lot of action movies, so I don't have incredibly high standards.

Ben Affleck wrote and directed the film.  I found several similarities between it and Good Will Hunting, which Affleck also wrote with pal Matt Damon (set in Boston, a guy stuck with a life he doesn't want but destined to get out and do something better, a girl who's "better" and can help him leave his past behind, etc, etc.) 

 THE TOWN in five

1. I was impressed with Blake Lively's performance as the slutty drug addict in love with Affleck's character. I could still see some Serena Van Der Woodsen in her character. 

2. One of my favorite parts of the film is when Ben Affleck is brought in as a suspect and Jon Hamm interrogates him. The verbal exchange between them is great. 

3. Rebecca Hall plays Affleck's BEAUTIFUL  love interest in the film. I was also impressed with her performance. She is one of those actresses that is so naturally pretty you feel like you could see her on the street or in the grocery store and it'd be completely normal. I couldn't remember where I'd seen her before, so I looked her up on Imdb after the movie. She was also in Vicky Christina Barcelona, which I saw some of. And she was born on my birthday! Cool.

4. Ben Affleck is cute and his acting is legit. This is probably one of his five best performances. 

5. Victor Garber has a cameo. Yay Alias! 

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