Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gossip Girl 4x11 "The Townie"

I can't believe Gossip Girl last night. My friend texted me last night and said "that was set up  like a season finale episode!"

Which is kinda true, because the show doesn't come back until Jan. 24. FORTY NINE DAYS.

I LOVED the episode. It was epic. All season I've been "just a tad" dissapointed, but the storylines have kept me coming back every monday. First, it was Serena's new relationship with a hot, young rich guy who ended up being her teacher at Columbia. So, they agreed not to see each other until the class was over, and I hung onto every moment between the two of them. I loved Collin. But he's gone now.

Then there was the whole "Why does Juliet hate Serena so much? What could Serena have possibly done to Juliet's brother that caused him to go to jail and the two of them to hate her so much?"

Well, we found out everything last night, and it was very unexpected.


Turns out, when Serena ran away from NYC and attended boarding school, she went to a school in Connecticut. At that school in Connecticut, she was her old self. Always partying, dancing, doing lines of coke, etc. But she got a long well with this young teacher who inspired her, believed in her, etc. Soon, they developed feelings for each other, but chose not to act on them. A series of rumors begin spreading behind the pair's back, while Lily, Serena's mother, was trying to get her accepted into a school in NYC so she could come back home. No school would accept her. When Lily heard the rumors about Serena and the teacher she went to the dean and used it as a bargaining device. She didn't think anything else would come of the situation, but it did.The dean alerted the authorities and soon the young teacher was arrested for statutory rape. He couldn't contest basically because Serena came from a powerful family. He went to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Serena never knew because after the teacher essentially turned her down, they never talked again. When Serena finds out the reason Ben and Juliet hate her and that Lily was the one to send him to jail for something he didn't do, she's through with her mother. Lily has screwed up major. I can appreciate her rationale. She was fighting for her daughter, but when an innocent man went to jail, she should've fessed up.

So, the entire season there's been a guy named Ben in jail who wants Serena to suffer and we've come to dislike him. But after seeing flashbacks of him talking with Serena, teaching Serena, being educated and caring....it painted him in a completely different light. I kind of forgot how mean (relative term) he was, because I felt so bad for him.

In one of the final scenes, Serena goes to the jail because she's going to do whatever she can to get Ben ("one of the sweetest guys she's ever known, and the only one to ever turn her down") out of  jail.

When she enters the room, Ben lights up. He's practically enamored with her.

This is the only clip I could find of it on Youtube. I'm DYING to see their confrontation after this..it looks like they both have some lingering feelings.

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This is what I thought was most important from the episode, but there was also an introduction of a future Blair and Dan relationship.

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