Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Well, it's that time of year again. Most of my friends have turned in their Christmas lists to their parents by now. My parents have always been last minute shoppers..buying a Christmas gift before December is completely foreign to them. Usually, my mom tries to focus on a couple "big" gifts for my brother, sister, and me so she doesn't have to bother with a lot of shopping.

I've had a wish list developing in my mind over the last few weeks. Being a poor college student means the wants and needs add up quickly, and that some of these items are really common/lame, but I've been too broke to by them myself.

With that, here are the gifts I'd like to have this season ranging from the  practical  to the I've-waited-too-long-for-this-and-can't-take-it-anymore gifts.

1. A floor heater.  
I LIVE in front of these during the winter. Seriously, I sleep sitting up or on the floor for a whole night, just so I can curl up in front of one of these bad boys. Plus, I don't have a fireplace in my apartment.

2. A subscription to People Style Watch Magazine
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Cannot stress how badly I want this. I refuse to pay four bucks for a magazine in the grocery store, and a subscription is only about $20..completely worth it.

3. An Itouch or an Iphone
I hate talking about my history (or lack thereof) with iPods, because it is crappy. I got a brand new one a couple of years ago and it worked for 3 months. I've used a couple rejects, but I want a touch or an iPhone of my own. I'm a huge music fan, but I haven't had an iPod in FOREVER. And by forever I mean 3 years. YEAH.

4. How I Met Your Mother  TV Seasons
Absolutely love this show. It's been on my "watch" list for forever, but I've seen many episodes in the last six months and it's the perfect show to have on DVD. It's one of a few shows (like Friends or Sex and the City) that I will willingly and continually rewatch episodes of.

5. Netflix
It just makes sense. It's so cheap, and I love movies. I just don't have the time.

6. Nice boots
They're warm. And cute. And versatile.

7. A new backpack
I found the backpack I'm currently using in the back of my closet. It's shabby to the point of embarrassment.

8. A nice winter coat
Oklahoma is freakin' cold, man.

9. Celine: Through the Eyes of the World Movie
A documentary-style film that follows Celine Dion on tour, in Africa, trying to get pregnant, etc.
Let's just say I cried in the movie trailer and have been dying to see it ever since. Go ahead and make fun of me, but I saw her in concert in Dallas in Jan. '09 and it was life-changing!

10. A black blazer and pencil skirt
My wardrobe needs a "professional dress" update, stat!

Other items: A Flip camera, Adobe Creative Suite or PhotoShop, to study abroad this Summer

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