Friday, December 3, 2010

Thoughts on Gossip Girl Episode 10

Quick recap: Serena wakes up in a motel room and doesn't know where she is. There are prescription drugs and a bottle of vodka next to the bed. Disoriented, she calls 911 and tells them she doesn't know where she is or how she got there. In the meantime, Lily and Eric believe Serena is staying at Blair's and they are angry with her for dropping out of Yale (Juliet sent a text to the dean from Serena's phone). Blair's angry at Serena for turning the spotlight on her and Chuck at the Saints and Sinners Masquerade (was Juliet dressed to look like S). It is only when Blair drops off a pumpkin pie at the Van Der Woodsen house, that they all discover they have no idea where Serena is and if she's OK.

Soon, they are notified that Serena is in the hospital for drug overdose, and everyone believes Serena is the same girl she was 3+ years ago. They think she has a problem and wanted to harm herself. Lily decides to admit Serena (without talking with her first) to the Ostroff Center. Serena wakes up and no one believes her and she's being sent to rehab against her will. She tries to explain she didn't OD, that she doesn't remember anything and something is going on, but no one will have it.

Blair and Dan talking to Rufus at the hospital.

THOUGHTS:  First off, I have to say how much I LOVED Dan in this episode. Dan isn't exactly known for his overall likeability on the show, in fact, many GG fans can't stand him. He's never been my favorite person, but after this week's episode, he might as well be.

Dan telling Serena, "I believe you." What a sweetie.
Also, can I just say how completely frustrated I was during this episode? I. was. talking. to. the. TV. Or, in my case, the computer since I had to watch the episode Wednesday night. My roommate was in her bedroom while I was watching  the show in the living room, and at one point she came into the room and said,

 "Audrey,  are you always this vocal when you watch TV?"

Yeah, it was bad. I was like my brother when he watches a Mavs game. I was cursing, covering my eyes, etc. It drove me INSANE to see every member of the Van Der Woodsen clan--friends and family-- so adamant about Serena getting help, because she had "obviously" reverted to her old, party girl ways.

Side note: Dan busting Serena out of the hospital was a little reminiscent of Ryan and Marissa on The OC a la season one (another Josh Schwartz show). Check it:

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Here are some notes I have from the episode. Pretty funny.

The notes I took while watching GG.

I was NOT a fan of Blair's plaid dress. Team Serena on style, always. Eric's comment about Serena not responding to his "angry emoticons." Blair makes a comment to Chuck about being friends despite their past romantic relationship: "If Bruce and Demi can do it.."  Then,  I have what is quite possibly my favorite line on this sticky note... (dan,, goo dannnn!) Because he believes in Serena, despite what everyone else is shoving down his throat. And despite Nate's comment "This is how Serena gets what she wants." Dan, I love ya.

Jenny just stays quiet--This refers to the part in the episode where Vanessa betrays Jenny to her father. I mean, come on. If you were in on a scheme with a friend, and something went horribly wrong, and then that friend outed you to your dad who had a claim on the "thing that went horribly wrong," and then proceeded to be very dissapointed/pissed and banish you from spending time in NYC with him and his wife, then, don't you think you'd be a little more upset about the situation?? Right after Vanessa outs Jenny, she just stands there. She doesn't say, "SHE'S LYING. DAD LISTEN.." Nothing. I know it added drama before the cut to commercial, but WTF.
Rufus tells Jenny: "Go back to Brooklyn."

Then there's Lily's stance of "I know my daughter. She gets into bad things. I know how she is." Really Lily? I still remember one of my favorite jokes on GG where Serena and her brother Eric joke that Lily (their mother) was so absent in their lives that their ringtone for her was Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." Again I say, really Lily? Freakin' trust your daughter.  Hence the typing of *u don't know her better.* Never fear, Dan didn't let that statement go unpunished. He tells Lily, "Sound like I've clocked more hours by her side than you have." BAM!

Here we go again refers to the on again-off again nonsense that is C &B. I'm over it. Also, CB's voice is getting on my nerves. It seems like he's been trying to hard to get his seductive sound down. 

Can't wait for next week's... looks like we finally know more about why Juliet and her brother hate Serena so much!

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